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Catering Inquiry Form

Thank you for your interest in Slows To Go! In order to help us provide you with excellent customer service, please complete the Catering Inquiry Form below. For assistance, see our Catering Frequently Asked Questions.

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Catering FAQs

Q: Can I get anything on the menu?
A: Almost. There are some items that the chef has elected to not offer because they would not hold up under to go conditions. Primarily those are items that come from the fryer.

Q: How much advance notice do you need for my order?
A: We prefer a day notice for large orders, but it depends on your needs. We are set up to provide a lot of award-winning BBQ.

Q: How much should I order?
A: That's the toughest question we get. You know your guests better than we do. As a general guideline: our sandwiches have 7 ounces of meat. Our entrees are 12 ounce portions. Our small sides are served in 8oz cups. We can help you figure this out.

Q: I’d like to pick up my order. Where are you located?
A: Slows To Go is at the NW corner of Cass & Alexandrine in Midtown. For our Bulk Pick-Up Menu click here.

Q: Can I pick up my order before you open? After you close?
A: Call us to make special arrangments. 877-569-7246. (87-SLOWS-2GO)

Q: Do you provide plates, silverware and serving utensils?
A: We can offer 100% biodegradable paper goods and cutlery for an additional charge.

Q: Do you cater weddings?
A: Yes. We have catered several weddings and rehearsal dinners.

Q: I have a business lunch planned. Can you bag individual orders for me?
A: Please allow one day's notice for individually bagged orders. Please call us to discuss order particulars.

Q: Can I order items that are not on your normal menu?
A: Our chefs are highly trained and may be able to prepare something special for your guests. Please give us a call to discuss.

Q: Do you sell beer & wine for parties?
A: We are able to sell beer, wine and liquor through Slows Bar Bq. Beer, Wine and Liquor service will require hiring one of more of our bartending staff.

Q: I plan on ordering from you regularly for my office. Can I set up an account with you?
A: Please call and speak with our managers. We can definitely work with you to invoice your group.

Q: I want to pick up my food cold. Can you help me with that?
A: We can provide nearly all of our menu items cold with reheating instructions.

Q: What should I do next to get more information or to place an order?
A: Fill out our Catering Inquiry Form. One of our catering staff will get back to you within 24-48 hours.